Spiced olives with bread and aioli sauce (per person) 2
Anchovies in vinegar with lime oil 9
Garlic prawns  13
Provolone: Italian cheese melted in the wood oven 9
Shiitake mushrooms with soy sauce and balsamic vinegar  9
Nachos with cheese and guacamole 9
Sobrasada and Majorcan cheese with grilled toast 15
100 % Iberian acorn-fed ham with grilled toast and ramallet tomato 25
Fresh and warm goat cheese salad with green mix, onion confit, truffle oil and red wine syrup 14


Vegan burger: eggplant and dry tomato burguer, lettuce, tomato and guacamole with chips 12
Burger gourmet 100% Argentine Angus, lettuce, tomato, brie cheese and caramelized onion with chips 14
Chorizo criollo (Argentine sausage), Sweet bread or Butifarrón (Mallorcan Sausage) Each  3
Octopus 300 gr.  22
Salmon 300 gr.  15
Free-Range Chicken  12
Pork ribs 8 units 8 Stk.14
Lamb ribs 8 units  Stk.15
Flank Steak 300 g.  g.14
Spanish T bone steak (Rib without fillet) 600 gs. 22
Argentine Angus Rib Eye Steak 300 gr. 24
Mixed grilled meat platte: Chorizo criollo, Sweet bread, Chicken, Pork ribs, Flank Steik and chimichurri sauce (at least 2 persons) per person  18


Roasted potatoes 2 uds. 3,5
Chips  3,5
Mixed salad lettuce, tomato and onion  4
Grilled vegetables: pepper, zucchini, onion, carrot and tomato  6
Mixed bread basket  2,5


Brownie and chocolate ice cream 7
Roasted apple with vanilla ice cream and berries sauce 6,5
Tiramisu (the grandmother recipe) 7
Dulce de leche crepe 6,5
Chococlate crepe 6,5
Ice cream 1 scoop 2,5


Our fish receive adequate treatment for the removal of anisakis.
We have the list of allergens. Please ask the waiter.
VAT included